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EST. 1990

Wolisz czytać w ojczystym? Tu znajdziesz wersję polską.


My name is Robert Janiszewski and for over a dozen of years I have been professionally dealing with Information Technology and new technologies. I supervise and initiate projects related thereto. My role in projects is closest to the position of a supervision inspector. I am a missing link between contractors and investors. I give advice, supervise, negotiate, solve conflicts, and most of all I provide peace of mind you need. If you have ever been involved in the “pleasure” of building a house and have been dealing with contractors on your own then you know what I mean.


Having completed many projects I consider combination of knowledge and experience as my key competence.

I know what proves right and why.


The most important areas are:

  • Internet presence (e-mail, websites, domains, web hosting, Content Management Systems).
  • Promoting and advertising on the internet (banners, Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization).
  • e-Business (Sales using Internet, electronic payments).

Customized software production

Software production with particular emphasis on web applications. The subject of e-services is particularly in my focus due to a large added value brought in for the internet users.

Expert consulting

The sale of knowledge comprising my competence:

  • Assistance in the process IT solutions selecting.
  • Assistance in a process of hardware selecting.
  • Creating concepts and strategies of new business development.
  • Planning and organising business on the enntry level.

New Media and Technologies / Start-ups

I initiate projects in the area of new technologies and in innovative area. I independently carry out research and explore the subjects which will come into being on the market in several years.

Multimedia creation

Combination of sound, vision and animation in various forms. I create presentations, games, short video forms. Internet, portable devices and CDs/DVDs are currently a basic medium.

Professional experience

Running a small business

Enterpreneuring I have had my business activity registered for many years. I know how a small business entities operate and what their advantages and everyday problems are. In terms of company organization, management, low-budget techniques and the needs regarding IT solutions.

Servicing Large Corporations / Advertising in new media

6 years of regular cooperation with HYPERmedia – the largest Polish interactive agency – enabled me to gain experience in:

  • Cooperating and servicing large corporations (including PKO BP, PTC (Era brand), Volvo or Discovery) and knowledge on the philosophy of functioning and requirements as clients.
  • Knowledge of practical technological solutions essential for the success of new media projects.
  • Knowledge of company development (from several to tens of employees) and organizational and IT needs related thereto.

Event Production

2 years of cooperation in the field of producing events with the Art & Action agency gave me a possibility to broaden knowledge on:

  • Technical and logistic coordination of large and small event production.
  • Providing IT and organizational support for the needs of events.
  • Creating dedicated IT solutions for the needs of events.


I am an enthusiast for new technologies in the aspect of their influece on our lives and what they can do to make our lives easier or/and more pleasurable.

In everyday life, I value solutions which combine both usability and attractive look.

"Quick, cheap and well done. Choose your two priorities and you will be bound to succeed."

I do not always tell my clients what they want to hear...
but I always listen to them.

After hours (or before)